MALANKA kosmetiikka

Clarity and elegance

Category: Packaging / Logo

This project is about designing a logo, other graphic materials and packaging design for a local business MALANKA kosmetiikka. It is a one woman business, which makes handcrafted natural cosmetics. Timeless design, clarity and elegance were the goals for the logo design.

MUSTA SAIPPUA ‘black soap’ packaging has a rough and strong look, which was created with a heavy text element and the roughness by stamping the graphics on the packaging. The material choices in the packaging emphasize environmental friendliness, which reflects the values ​​of MALANKA kosmetiikka.

Photo: Minttu Wikberg

Every graphic element for MALANKA kosmetiikka is minimal and timeless. It was natural to use a very classic combination of black and white in the logo and packaging designs.

Design by Koivisto Studio.

Antik Hense