Combining different forms of art

Category: Exhibition / Interdisciplinary

Jewellery is not only a static instrument for decoration. At its best it is work of art living on the body. Dance is the purest form of art based on the movement of the body. On this basis, was born „Korugrafia”, an alliance of jewellery and dance. The name is a word play of jewellery and choreography. „Koru” is a Finnish word for jewellery.


Korugrafia presented jewellery from nine different designers. Ten young jazz dancers from the group Tendency Kto, Keravan tanssiopisto gave new charasteristics to the jewellery. We captured the dance on the camera. In the photos the idea was to maintain the feel of a movement, to create a moving picture.


Actual movement, dance, was filmed by cinematographer Anastasia Smirnova. Music and sound have an important role in the world of dance. With the sound the exhibition visitor could sense the movement even from the still photographs. Music and sound was created by a musician Vili Ollila.


The exhibition had its debut 29.3-10.4.2016 at Gallery Alli in Kerava. 18.4.-24.4.2016 Korugrafia was seen at gallery Satamankulma in Kuopio. It was part of the Design Week Kuopio’s program.


Wooden exhibition furniture, designed and produced by our studio, was part of the concept, how the jewellery is connected with the body. The idea of the furniture was to imitate the human body in a simplified way.


We designed a mark for the project, which has two elements – a straight line and a curvy line. Straight line stands for a static element, jewellery, and curvy line for a movement, dance. The creating process started by combining letters K and G together. The mark symbolizes the union of arts.


Printed media of the project included designing post cards and an exhibition publication. The publication presented more detailed photos and text behind the art pieces. The page layout relied on a slash element to break the static and create a movement – to combine and separate.


Tendency Kto, Keravan tanssiopisto

Anastasia Smirnova
Eva Mihti

Sound & Music:
Vili Ollila

Designers in the project:
Heljä Alanko
Fanni Ala-Uotila
Helena Falkenberg
Anni Lehtonen
Kirsi Manninen
Wiebke Pandikow
Reetta Tikkanen

Concept, realisation and photography by Koivisto Studio.



Antik Hense

Playground Wall