Stylized Finnish forest

Category: Interior / Fair stand

Birch is the national tree of Finland. Finns have special bond with birch trees. The wall arrangement was designed for the Tendence trade fair at Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The booth presented wooden jewelry from Viilu Jewelry and other wooden small scale products.


A birch forest on the wall was created to catch the attention of the fair visitors, because the products themselves are so small. Stylized and graphic birch trees highlight the roots of the materials used in the products and the origin of the brand. The birches take the visitor to a forest in Finland. The jewelry between the trees shows a transformation from raw materials to final products.

The trees are made out birch bark, which works well with the dark and light jewelry. Together they create a harmonic entirety. With a mirror the visitors could try the jewelry. Round shape of the mirror works well with the cylinder shaped exhibition furniture.

Design, realization and photography by Koivisto Studio.




Antik Hense