Viilu Jewelry

Created from the passion for wood

Category: Product

Viilu Jewelry is a trade mark created by our studio. We are behind the design of the products and visual content of the trade mark. Viilu is a Finnish word which means veneer, a thin layer of wood. The design of Viilu Jewelry is based on a combination of clear lines and lively texture of wood. The jewelry is handmade of different European wood and recycled precious metals.

We wanted the visual identity to be fresh and recognizable and to reflect nature and ecological friendliness. In the graphic content the colors were kept to black and white to give a strong and timeless image.

Viilu Jewelry is characterized by elegant shapes, high quality of handcraft and sustainable choices of materials.

Nature photography plays an important role in the visual image of the brand. They are representing Viilu Jewelry’s values – ecological friendliness and care for the nature.


Viilu Jewelry is delivered in a packaging designed by our studio. The packaging is elegant and made out of nature friendly materials; cardboard and recycled cardboard. It contains no plastic.

More about the project:

Design, realization and photography by Koivisto Studio.