Playground Wall

Interactive Art pieces for the wall

Category: Art / Product

Aligning is inspired by traditional Finnish wall rugs. Instead of being only a static interior element Aligning is an interactive wall art piece. In our digitalized world, we have the need to feel something concrete. The pixel like units can be aligned and moved how ever wanted. You can compose different pictures on your wall.

A thin, white steel plate forms the basis for triangular pyramids made of various veneers: bog oak, marmoset, oak, juniper and pine. The edges are colored by different shades of green and blue. By magnets inside the pyramids they adhere to the base.

Move and Turn is a movable wall installation made of geometric shapes, which visually and haptically combine the main colors and the structure of wood. By turning and moving the objects you can create different figures, landscapes or abstract art pieces. You can build individual, temporary, architectural and artistic forms. Move and Turn is a playground for the wall with endless possibilities.

A thin steel plate with a brushed oak veneer forms the stage for the squares, triangles, circles and semicircles, which are made of dyed birch and oak. Magnets inside of them makes the play possible.

Design, realization and photography by Koivisto Studio.